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To The Artisan 'Journey Second Degree'

Weekend Course

The Artisan Journey Second Degree Course enables you a gentler yet more powerful connection to ‘Reiki’ and Universal Life force. Learn how to send distant healing, enhance your well being and (if a parent) your issues’ too. Enhance your life path and deliver structured & bounded energy with clearer focused intention to any given situation. This special course enables you level access to becoming a practitioner, creating a practice and Sacred Space as well as working with Sacred Usui Reiki tools (amongst others) to enhance and empower you, your life and beyond! This course comes with a dedicated set of unique and personal crystals for your working, exploration, and enhancement.


And there is much more to this than simply the above...


The Sacred Harmony Second Degree provides you with universal techniques for your life and your career, whatever that career may be. If performance at an optimum level matters, then this course is for you.  


Welcome to Higher Inner Exploration & Expansion.


Explore. Discover. Transform.




£680 for the Weekend Course

(limited) Introductory Price

All that is required to secure your seat is a non refundable booking deposit..


Soul Retrieval - Reconnection

Find a way back to yourself with a Sacred Harmony Soul Retrieval. This is a powerful spiritual practice that heals soul loss. Soul loss can occur whenever we have trauma in our life or have gone through a huge shift/change. 

*A soul retrieval is available after a sequence of sessions agreed with your Practitioner. The optimal solution is  after The Foundation First or Journey Second Degree self development weekend course. . 



Practitioner Treatment Training

After attaining Second Degree Reiki, you are now ready to begin the path to a certified practitioner in the healing arts.... 

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