S A C R E D  H A R M O N Y


What is Reiki?

A Universal Key for Life

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is the Universal Life force that surrounds us and embodies us. We contain, facilitate and work with this each and everyday, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. Regardless of your thoughts and feelings of it, energy is ever present. Everything we do, we put energy into, whether it be a project, performance, task, a movement etc. How many times have you heard someone say put more ‘energy’ into it? Or it needs more 'energy'? We all know about it but not exactly what it can really do when utilised efficiently.

Reiki is a complimentary therapy to enable your body to naturally heal itself by working through emotional, spiritual & physical ailments in your life. This can be caused by many experiences, events and moments throughout our lives (from birth). As we experience and grow, our body develops too and becomes a wonderful conductor of energy

Your body is an amazing vehicle

It has the incredible ability to deal with what it is confronted with or sequester and push down traumatic times that we feel we are not ready to deal with, because it wants to help us and not overwhelm. But not being able to release can, from time to time, create blockages, obstacles and impediments to progress in our lives.

Think of your car constantly moving, driving forward and not stopping to service it and allowing the petrol tank to run empty so it brings up the dregs. Eventually the car will become clogged, it'll slow down and its performance will drastically reduce until it stops in its tracks. The exact same thing can happen to our bodies as we move through life.

But I've got wonderful news.

Reiki is Adaptable

It flows to where it is needed. It is a service, an MOT of the mind, body and spirit. Reiki can work to bring insight into and then gradually help dissolve what may be holding us back, clogging us up, creating obstacles, making us feel unmotivated, low on energy, off track and out of balance (as an example). Our body is the greatest keeper of experiences; good, bad, indifferent and these all have a profound effect on us. Its whether we choose to realise this, to step back a moment, pause and then work with it to reach an optimal level of performance.

Just look at the photo below and realise that the white light is us, our energy, the way we are and that is fantastic. Now look at the prism as Reiki and then look at the outcome of working with it…

Life in high definition and full of colour.

Reiki healing is universal because it does so many incredible things for you. Here at Sacred Harmony our treatments are designed to get you back on track with your life, feeling energised, relaxed, rejuvenated & renewed. It can even help alleviate stress, emotionally release, enable recovery and enhance your personal development.

Even if you desire some ‘time out’ from the stresses and strains of work or home life or require a moment to yourself. Our bespoke Reiki Treatments are safe, secure and here to support your needs.

Reiki is an incredible personal development tool and we want you to be where you should be; your best and look forward to seeing you soon.

Take charge of your health and well being.

Book your Reiki Treatment today and find out what you are truly capable of.