S A C R E D  H A R M O N Y


Moving on, moving forward.  The art of Drive with Recognition.

Tme for an upgrade.

As I write this, it wonderfully coincides with Sacred Harmony’s temporary closure for upgrade. It’s been an exciting time working in SW18 & as the space evolved, so too have the energies & possibilities for growth. In fact, so much so, that the space was no longer abe to contain it all and this is a reason for moving on. Today I look back and begin to truly see what was achieved. A very big well done to everyone who took the leap (whether they knew it or not at the time) to go on a personal healing journey and see it through to a place, different from where they once began. It is amazing to see how far we can go and what we are really capable of when we make a conscious decision to move forward in our development.

Moving forward enables us a moment of review to look back to see the distance travelled, the steps taken and the amount of effort put in to reach this newy found place. Wherever this place is for you, recognises how brilliant you have been, how fearless and brave you are, even when faced with pulses of self doubt and reiteration of things holding on to you, pulling you back, not wanting you to make the shift. But you did it. However long it took, you did it. You own it, you can be it because its you. It was always you. From the moment you were born, you were on a trajectory to reach this turning point. Only unless you want to review how far you've come then you can turn back to look. That's fine. But just for a moment mind you! Reward yourself and recognise. Then drive forward with everything you have achieved and release what no longer serves you.

Well done you.


There will be reiterations, sometimes a few steps back to gain perspective or to learn a lesson perhaps we thought we already learnt. No matter what the issue, drive forward with the recognition of how far you've already come. And when you reach this place, well done. Yes (sorry) there is always more work ahead, it must be like this otherwise we’d be the done deal already…how boring would that be? We wouldn't be surprised, taken aback, challenge and be willing to push ourselves to discover new possibilities.

Sacred Harmony will always endeavour to help you reach your full potential, enhance your personal development and improve your life. Please take a mount to view the brand new webpage ‘What our clients are saying’.

They speak for themselves.

I look forward to seeing you in the Spring.

Ricky x