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Vibrational Advanced Angel Fire

 Reiki Treatments

Have a gut feeling that something isn’t quite right within yourself? Feeling out of sorts, depleted, tired and unmotivated? Becoming sensitive by others energy or constantly drained after being around certain energies and people?


Gain personal insight and improve your immunity to antibodies, illness, dis-ease, external abusive and user energies and addictions with my Advanced Angel Fire Reiki Healing.

My tailor-made Angel Fire sessions help to alleviate the source of the unease, feeling unwell, out of control, enabling healing to flow to where it is most needed. Enhance and improve recovery, allowing you to gently gain immunity and move forward in life, feeling motivated, uplifted, revitalised empowered and focused.


Advanced Angel Fire Reiki illuminates and targets your energy system, systematically working through to identify where perhaps there are incursions, leaks, an energy or energies that do not serve you or will seek to shine a light to areas we can feel but cannot quite put our finger on or have sight of. When we feel under the weather, it can knock us for six and we are unable to do much due to the need for rest and recovery, tiredness and a deep sense of our body battery being on ‘low power’ mode. 


Out of sight, out of mind?


We all have blind spots and so another is required to help us, employed on our behalf, who can get to the where we can’t reach or have sight of. When we gain clarity and more sight, immunity healing energy can be effectively applied, delivered and received. We just have to be willing to be courageous enough to want a better outcome for our lives. With Advanced Angel Fire Reiki, feel courageous, confident and creative for a new way forward. Allowing new opportunities to come into your life and new ways of dealing with existing issues so that they are able to be efficiently combatted, learnt from and so fundamentally change what we invite into our lives.


Designed to delve deeper, focusing in on personal security, firewalls fo your mind, body and spirit. Identifying, clearing away and restructuring tired habitual patterns and experiences that generate a habitual ‘loop’ cycle that no longer serves you.  


Advanced Tailor-made protective Reiki Healing Treatments can also target, quarantine and work to clear unwanted viral and damaging energies that you might be finding difficult to shift alone.


Live your life with Vibrant Vitality.


These can be delivered in sequenced session modality or rolling sessions to fit your needs and requirements. Lets create the perfect program just for you.

Advanced Reiki Angel Fire Healing Treatments

(90mins with Consultation)

Remote Advanced Reiki 

Angel Fire 

Healing Treatment

(90mins with Zoom Consultation)

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All Reiki Healing sessions at Sacred Harmony are designed to be flexible and accommodate your time availability. My tailor-made treatments can be booked consecutively over a few days or spread out over a few weeks or months to suit your current financial needs. 

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