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Holistic Consultancy & Coaching


I now offer consultancy and coaching sessions to those who need more comprehensive support in your professional and personal life. Perhaps you need new perspectives, new ways of dealing, seeing and obtaining clarity and abundance. Perhaps you feel a little off track, depleted, confused, at a crossroads or simply need to talk things through, I’m here to do my best by you. 


£75 per hour - Zoom call and phone call modality (with tasks). 


I work with individuals, company directors, entrepreneurs, young professionals, new parents, young adults and anyone who perhaps are experiencing difficultly in finding the right balance in their life and feeling depleted, anxious and stressed. Creating and delivering a unique, vibrant, in-depth healing journey and pathway of support, so you no longer feel overwhelmed, ungrounded and stuck.






Follow the path of least resistance  

I provide, fresh, vibrant and clear new perspectives, pathways, insights and holistic Treatments (where necessity is the mother of invention and virtue), so that you are able to positively experience how investing in your wellbeing improves your personal and professional life. 


Having worked through my own struggles and continually do so (life huh?) I understand how hard it can be, to simply be and be confident in our own skin in the present moment. By gaining support in exploring how my thought forms, unexpressed feelings, misdirected energy channels, and the way I saw myself and behaved accordingly, were fundamentally affecting my life, I began to transform them into positive self-developmental growth. I’ve now channelled this into skilfully creating sessions to help men and woman of all ages who feel unable to safety express themselves emotionally and are perhaps feeling suppressed, depressed and overwhelmed in their current lives. 


Together we’ll create a positive way forward empowering the importance of your emotional wellbeing, balance and wellness, in order to be fully present. Feel supported, balanced and secure in your wellbeing and mental health and become creative, courageous & confident. Feel invigorated and able to maximise your potential and life opportunities in abundance, with flow and harmony.


Allow me to safely deliver compassionate empathic emotional energy support, understanding your needs, enabling you to work through blocks so you are able to perform at your optimum best. Gain new insights in how to effectively deal with situations that present itself to you in your life by receiving nurturing, balanced, supportive, refreshing energy healing and guidance.

We are each a reflection of one another.

See the life you share.

See your worth.

See your joy.

Be guided by your missteps.

See your limitations right now & expand.

See your desire to prosper.

See your boundless spirit.

See your hopes for the future and become it.

Your experience matters. 

You matter. 

Beautiful You.

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invest in your wellbeing today. 

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POWWOW Harmony Healing: 

Walk-it-out Therapy

I have found due to the current climate, restrictions and distancing, life has fundamentally changed for all of us. So I have designed a new service offer of a Powwow Harmony Healing walk. I now have clients who I meet with outside of the treatment space and go for a walk and talk. I have found over the past year, that clients have found this just as powerful and empowering and releasing as having a Reiki Session here at the Sacred Harmony space.


Is Mental Fog and Mental Fatigue 

overwhelming you?  

This act of sacred nurturing service, allows also for any mental fatigue and fog to be carefully and compassionately cleared by walking, while another listens and when appropriate, allows for new insight and perspectives to be introduced, that perhaps may have been overlooked or not been able to see through the haze of where we are at. And all in the beauty and profound healing of being amongst nature.


utilise my skill and abilities over 16 years to create a space to clear the air and gain new insights that lead to new perspective sin healing where you are currently find yourself . 

Exercise for the Mind & Body



Strengthen your heart 

Boost your energy

Burn calories 

Lower your blood sugar 

Eases joint pain

Boost your immune function  

Encourages Creative thinking

 Improve your mood 

Tones your legs

As well as exercising our communication expression during the walk, it also enables us to exercise physically too, I have seen clients see an increase in their daily steps during out time together and this harmoniously contributes to living a healthier lifestyle. Walking can help your mental health as it can help reduce depression, anxiety, and a negative mood. It can also reduce symptoms of social withdrawal along with boosting self-esteem. This is exercise for the mind and body! There is something truly cathartic, healing and responsive about being able to air your thoughts, feelings, wants, goals, desires and what is happening for you right now. Then simply letting them go amongst nature.

I can happily travel to you or together we can choose the perfect walk to clear the the air. 

£55 Per hour.

If needed to extend time then it's £25 per half hour add-on.

Walk your Talk


Being heard by another, having a sounding board and someone who is neutral and not integrated into your daily life is a very powerful and underestimated act of service. Having direct experience, I have discovered it to be an exemplary way of support and release. It has the ability to lighten the load


From here, if needed and required, in order to progress, I can create a tailor-made program and path just of you, enabling you to enhance more fluid thinking, feeling lighter, more focused, positive and grounded.



Healing in Motion 


Let's drive forward, clear the air and walk it out together. 





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All consultations, coaching programs and Reiki Healing sessions at Sacred Harmony are designed to be flexible and accommodate your time availability. My tailor-made treatments & programs can be booked consecutively over a few days or spread out over a few weeks or months to suit your current financial needs. 

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