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"I sought Distance Healing for both of my parents (separately) as a gift for their birthdays and to send healing support to them. Both Distance Healing’s  or as my mum named it ‘ Divine Healing' were incredibly effective and manifested in very different & unique ways. Needless to say that Sacred Harmony had a gentle but powerful impact that could be seen visually and felt energetically. Now my parents are definitely in a better place and recognise (in their own ways) how the effective and progressive the Distant Healing treatment delivered by Ricky was in helping them to this new stage. They have even asked for more and now visited Ricky's Treatment Space!"

 Distant Harmony Healing

Distant Harmony Healing is a gentle, supportive and restorative session, where you receive an expertly packaged bundle of Reiki Healing to wherever you are, or to designated recipient. 

It is also a truly wonderful, replenishing and revitalising act of service and gift for someone whom you wish to send healing too and who may need the support right now.

These DHH Treatments can help create deep relaxation, increase your energy levels, boost your immune system, release anxiety and stress, improve sleep and provide you with the support you need & require.  

Self Care: Optimised

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The Recipient will receive a PDF signed confirmation of Distant Healing from Sacred Harmony . 

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All of my sequenced sessions are designed to be flexible and accomodate your time availability.

Treatments can be booked consecutively over a few days or spread out over a few weeks/months to

suit your current financial needs. 

Find balance, relaxation and get your life back on track with a range of beautifully tailor-made Reiki Treatments in the heart of London.


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