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Restoration - Distant Harmony Healing

COVID-19 Self Isolation Reiki Support

The human body and energy system is the vital vehicle each of us have. We can especially see now how important it is to keep ourselves healthy and strong. By making sure to take better care of yourself moving forward and while we have now been advsied by the government to safely self-isolate; I offer Distant Harmony Reiki Healing to help aid and support you and give your immune system an important boost.

Sacred Harmony Distant Harmony Healing Treatments are highly effective, dedicated 1 hour sessions where you receive a Reiki Healing Treatment without actually visiting the Sacred space and being physically present here. This means you have a Reiki Treatment of your choice, in the comfort and security of your home or bedroom. We'll have a telephone conversation to work out your best needs and requirements and then a follow-up call after the Treatment has been delivered. 


These DHH Treatments can create deep relaxation, increase your energy levels, boost your immune system, release anxiety and stress, improve sleep and provide you with the support you need & require. (and much more - see Treatment pages). 


Throughout the past 15 years of delivering Distant Reiki Healing, I have seen huge benefits and significant improvements in health and wellbeing of clients, my family members and loved ones, even from afar. 


The Sacred Harmony Treatment space comes to you!


It is a truly wonderful restorative, replenshing and revitalising act of service for someone whom you wish to send healing too and also to those that are unable to be here physically yet. This is also a perfect introduction to what I provide at my Sacred Harmony Treatment Space.

Sometimes we are unable to reach the Treatment space due to unforeseen circumstances or where we currently find ourself and so to aid in releasing any obstructions or to provide support in order for you to reach here, then a Sacred Harmony Distant Harmony Healing session is available for you today.

An initial sequence of 4 DHH is usually a great way to proceed and recommended, then beyond that we can discuss and review progress with the aim of a physical session here at my Vauxhall Treatment Space.

Initially (unless otherwise specifed or by prior arrangement during our telephone consultation) the Sacred Harmony DHH Treatments follow a similar flow in theme of a Gentle Harmony Healing Sequence to illuminate your energy system, providing energy to go where it is optimally needed and highlight any areas that may require more support. The second enables the body, in the most appropriate way possible, to identify any energies that no longer serve, in order for them to begin clearing, cleansing and releasing safely. This fluidly paves the way for a grounding third session, as this seeks to reach where energy has been released to deliver support and energetic replenishment and restoration. The fourth session focuses in on integrating all previous sessions, like the zipping up of a jacket, while also allowing energy to reach matters of the mind, allowing the client new ideas and thought patterns in order to function to their best ability. Just like freeing up a computer of longer needed files and programs - think on how faster a computer operates when this happens. 

Self Care: Optimised


Book a Distant Harmony Healing session today. 


The Recipient will receive a PDF signed confirmation of Distant Healing from Sacred Harmony . 

Take a look at just one review of how these sessions enhanced, improved and impacted a family's life. 

" I sought Distance Healing for both of my parents (separately) as a gift for their birthdays and to send healing support to them. Both Distance Healing’s  or as my mum named it ‘ Divine Healing' were incredibly effective and manifested in very different & unique ways. Needless to say that Sacred Harmony had a gentle but powerful impact that could be seen visually and felt energetically. Now my parents are definitely in a better place and recognise (in their own ways) how the effective and progressive the Distant Healing treatment delivered by Ricky was in helping them to this new stage. 

They have even asked for more and now visited Ricky's Treatment Space!"

from £75

Contact me here to book your DH appointment.  

All of my sequenced sessions are designed to be flexible and accomodate your time availability.

Treatments can be booked consecutively over a few days or spread out over a few weeks/months to suit your current financial needs. 

For those who are new clients, or whom are new to Reiki healing. then I always advise to start with either a Balanced Harmony or Gentle Harmony treatment, unless you have been recommended or referred for a specific session. 

Find balance, relaxation and get your life back on track with a range of beautifully tailor-made Reiki Treatments right in the heart of London.


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