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Distant Healing - Restoration


Our imagination is only bounded by what we allow...

Want or require a Healing Treatment from a highly-skilled, experienced practitioner at Sacred Harmony but cannot make the journey?


Then a Sacred Harmony Distant Healing session is available for you today.


It is also a wonderfully perfect and profound loving gift for someone whom you wish to send healing too and also to those that are unable to be here physically yet. 


This is a wonderful introduction to what I provide at my Sacred Harmony treatment Space. Even though it is 'Distant Healing' I dedicate up to 90 minutes on the recipient so that they get the most from the session. 


My Distant Healing sessions are bespoke to order and can be in treatment form or simply sent as energy bundles to loved ones, friends, businesses, animals, or even to secure new jobs...and much much more. Your imagination is the key!


Whatever your requirements I can offer tailor-made sessions to fulfill your needs or that of a loved one.


Book a Distant Healing session today. 


The Recipient will receive a gift card from Sacred Harmony and the sender as confirmation of Distant Healing. 

Take a look at just one review of how these sessions enhanced, improved and impacted a family's life. 

" I sought Distance Healing for both of my parents (separately) as a gift for their birthdays and to send healing support to them. Both Distance Healing’s  or as my mum named it ‘ Divine Healing' were incredibly effective and manifested in very different & unique ways. Needless to say that Sacred Harmony had a gentle but powerful impact that could be seen visually and felt energetically. Now my parents are definitely in a better place and recognise (in their own ways) how the effective and progressive the Distant Healing treatment delivered by Ricky was in helping them to this new stage. 

They have even asked for more!"

Please contact me if you require more info.  

All of my sequenced sessions are designed to be flexible and accomodate your time availability.

Treatments can be booked consecutively over a few days or spread out over a few weeks/months to suit your current financial needs. 

If you are a new client, then I always advise to start with a Gentle Harmony tailor made sequence, unless you have been recommended or referred for a specific session with us. 

Find balance, relaxation and get your life back on track with a range of beautifully tailor made Treatments right in the heart of London.


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