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Gentle Harmony Reiki Treatments

Need clarity, relaxation, reduction of stress and tension?


Give extra support and care to your immune system, by dedicating time to yourself in the Sacred Harmony Space. Feel replenished and revitalised with fresh new perspectives in dealing with your daily life and all that comes with it.


Gentle Reiki Treatments are to help those who feel emotionally, mentally and physically overwhelmed, finding it difficult to find balance in their personal and professional life.


Perhaps you feel under the weather, out of sorts, stuck, off-track, depleted and uncertain about the way ahead?  


Allow me to safely deliver compassionate emotional energy support, understanding your needs, enabling you to work through blocks so you are able to perform at your optimum best. Gain new insights in how to effectively deal with situations that present itself to you in your life by receiving nurturing, balanced, supportive, refreshing energy healing and guidance. Feel empowered, motivated, uplifted and grounded in your life and your future.


Together we can illuminate individual issues, release impediments and clear blocks to your healing progress. Stabilise structures, integrate self and plan an optimum way forward for you. Helps focus, replenish and rejuvenate your personal energy. These tailor-made sessions gently clear, release and rebalance at the emotional and physical level. Embrace spiritual reconnection, peace of mind, renewal of energies, emotional calm and physical ease. Sometimes during emotional traumas or events, we are unable to fully articulate what is happening for us, we hold onto it and this can perhaps hold us back in our personal and professional lives. Our beautifully responsive body will therefore considerately take the hit and sequester this energy but if it is held on to for too long, sometimes it can be counterproductive and create blocks in our body and lives, if not released effectively or fully.   


When we have dedicated honouring time to ourselves, away from the outside world, we can feel safe and secure enough simply switch off, be reflective, reset and allow what is needed for the best of you to reach you. This is the ideal Reiki Healing to enhance and improve your emotional wellbeing.


These can be delivered in sequenced session modality or rolling sessions to fit your needs and requirements. Lets create the perfect program just for you.


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All Reiki Healing sessions at Sacred Harmony are designed to be flexible and accommodate your time availability. My tailor-made treatments can be booked consecutively over a few days or spread out over a few weeks or months to suit your current financial needs. 

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