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All of the tailor-made sequenced sessions delivered here at Sacred Harmony are flexible

and accommodate your time availability. Treatments can be booked consecutively over a few days or spread out over a few weeks and months to suit your current financial needs. 


Each Reiki Treatment lasts for approximately 90mins.


For those who are new clients, or whom are new to Reiki healing. then I always advise to start with either a Balanced Harmony or Gentle Harmony treatment, unless you have been recommended or referred for a specific session. 

Sacred Harmony Sessions


Invigorating Balanced Harmony Treatments

If you feel you require something different to the sequenced Reiki Treatments and sessions below, I now offer continuing tailor-made Treatments able to work with your ongoing needs and requirements.


This can be weekly or fortnightly sessions or as required and will be designed and made to measure just for you.   

Please contact me if you feel you require Balanced Harmony Reiki treatments and we can discuss and plan the perfect healing journey for you.

Replenishing Gentle Harmony


A gentle sequence of 4 Treatments designed to illuminate individual issues, release impediments and clear blocks to healing progress, stabilise structures, integrate self and plan the way ahead. Helps focus, replenish and rejuvenate your personal energy.  A perfect sequence to enhance your Emotional wellbeing. This gently clears, releases, re-balances at the emotional and physical level.

Find spiritual re-connection, peace of mind, renewal of your energies, emotional calm and physical ease. 


£120 per session


Family Planning Harmony Sessions

Supportive Harmony Conception

Come for a sequence of 4 nurturing and supportive Harmony Conception sessions that provide a natural method to help improve your chances of getting pregnant by minimising health problems & conditions that can hinder fertility.

Sometimes there are physical obstructions and blocks, sometimes there is seemingly no material issue. A change in relationship to both partners will therefore change receptivity. 

The treatments offered, help soothe issues that may hinder a mother and father to conceive. These supportive sessions can help alleviate stress, reduce and calm emotional imbalances, working towards the best possible environment to conceive a child. Or simply help you come to terms with how come it is the way it is and be able to safely move forward. I am here to work side by side with you both, safely and securely.  


Sacred Harmony Conception treatments are tailor made sessions that support and encourage gentle healing that which can in-turn promote a happy and healthy outcome. 

"Restores your energy field & supports the reproductive process to bring balance to your body & life.”



£120 per session

Mother and Baby Harmony Sessions

Nurturing Harmony Healing

"A truly loving gift for yourself and a wonderful start to your child's life.”



A sequence of 6 beautiful treatments (split into 3 Pre and 3 Post) that support the Mother and Baby during pregnancy and after the delivery of the child.


Receiving Reiki Harmony Healing during pregnancy gives you the opportunity to relax and to connect deeper with your baby.


Benefits of Harmony Healing Pre 3 sessions:


    •    Improves a positive mood.

    •    Allows natural movement of the child into the correct position for birth.

    •    Enables preparation for the child's journey ahead.

    •    Creates harmony and emotional balance.

    •    Relieves stress.

    •    Prepares mom for delivery.

    •    Creates a strong bond between Mother & baby.



Benefits during 3 Post-partum sessions:


    •    Find emotional balance after delivery.

    •    Physical recovery (after delivery and lack of sleeping).

    •    Reduces anxiety and stress.

    •    Gives Mum recharge time for herself.

    •    Boosts positive attitude.


£120 per session

"Sacred Harmony provided me with an excellent first time experience. The two sets of Harmony Healing treatments I received during both pregnancies gave me the opportunity to take some much needed time out allowing me to really feel a connection with myself and my baby. The relaxation sequences also came in useful during labour. Ricky offers a complete package and is very considerate, attentive and a great listener. I felt re-energised and realigned following my treatments and look forward to booking in again shortly" 


Advanced Reiki Harmony Healing Sessions

These Advanced Sessions are only recommended for clients who have had at least one sequence of Balanced or Gentle Harmony healing Treatments and if they have been recommended and referred by another Reiki Practitioner to me.  Advanced  sessions are designed to delve deeper and higher with amplification and so can be intense and obverhwleming for your energy system, if you haven't experienced any form of Reiki Healing before. 


Progressive Angel Fire Harmony Advanced 4 

"When patterns are broken, new possibilities & abilities emerge.”

Four Angel Fire Advanced energetic sessions designed to delve deeper; focusing in on security & personal firewalls of your mind, body and spirit. Identifying, clearing away & restructuring tired habitual patterns & experiences that generate a habitual ‘loop’ cycle that no longer serves.


These tailor-made protective advanced sessions also target, quarantines & work to clear unwanted viral and damaging energies that you might be finding difficult to shift.


Bring clarity, courage and increase in your energy. Discover deep healing to your personal/family relationships across the generations with connections to re-birthing. 


£150 per session

Protective Golden Ray Harmony Advanced 5

A set of five Advanced treatments focusing & working on a higher level of vibrational healing to further your spiritual, physical & personal development. Target, release, stabilise, upgrade & reinitiate your personal vibration in life. 


Creating a deeper and balanced relationship within oneself between your feminine and masculine energies. Lightens the karmic load, and encourages you to explore new directions, pathways, abilities and opportunities. 


This is an extensive advanced MOT service that can also help to target, quarantine & clear unwanted viral and damaging energies.  


£150 per session


Crystal Reiki Healing Sessions

Resonant Crystal Harmony Healing 

Four earthly structured treatments designed to clear, cleanse, develop & maintain optimum frequencies of your body. Each session systematically targets your thought process, energy, emotional stability and actions to enhance your life, wellbeing and create harmony & balance in order to move your forward efficiently & effectively. 


Perfect for those who may already have a connection with Crystals or for individuals who desire a deeply grounded resonate replenishment. 


£150 per session


Rejuvenating Advanced Crystal

Harmony Healing 

Crystal Spiritual Nourishment 

Advanced Crystal Harmony Spirit Healing

A set of Three Crystal sessions focusing on three aspects (Above, Below, Within) of your Spirit.

Crystal Harmony 'The Works'

Advanced Crystal Harmony Healing

A comprehensive sequence of Seven Crystal Shield sessions. 

Shamanic Harmony Healing Sessions

Nourishing Elemental Harmony 

A set of five special Shamanic Elemental Harmony treatments to bring your whole being back into alignment with harmony and (self) love.


Creating a deeper and balanced relationship within oneself and one's elements of Spirit, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. 


SPIRIT: Increase self Creativity.

AIR: Clear the air. 

FIRE: Allow your energy to amplify and focus. 

WATER: Become fluid, bounded, emotionally stable and release what no longer serves you.

EARTH: Enhance stability and strength within your practical everyday life and allow new opportunities and experiences to come into your life.  


Are you reaching your needs within each element? 


£120 per session


Realigning Advanced 

Elemental Harmony

A set of five (per each element) deeper advanced Shamanic Elemental Harmony treatments to reorientate and harmonise your system.


Theses extensive treatments relate to each Element; Spirit, Air (Mental Plane), Fire (Vibrational Energy Plane), Water (Emotional Plane) and Earth (Material Plane). 


Creating a deeper and balanced relationship within oneself and one's elements of Spirit, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. 


SPIRIT Treatments x 5 sessions (Spirit, Air, Fire, Water, Earth)

AIR x 5 sessions (Spirit, Air, Fire, Water, Earth)

FIRE x 5 sessions (Spirit, Air, Fire, Water, Earth)

WATER x 5 sessions (Spirit, Air, Fire, Water, Earth)

EARTH x 5 sessions (Spirit, Air, Fire, Water, Earth)


Explore each elemental plane and their relationship to each element in order to optimise, enhance and realign yourself. 

This is for individuals who have a Gentle Harmony or Elemental Nourishing Sequence. 


£120 per session


Reconnecting Harmony

Soul Retrieval 

Find a way back to yourself with a Sacred Harmony Soul Retrieval. This is a powerful and graceful Spiritual practice that heals soul loss through Shamanic Journeying.


Soul loss can occur whenever experience trauma in our life or have gone through a huge shift & change. During this time, part of our vital essence separates from us in order to survive the experience by escaping the full impact of the pain. 


This Shamanic Journeying Session helps to reintegrate lost parts to enable optimum healing. In modern terms a Soul Retrieval can be understood as the practice of reintegrating dissociated and repressed parts of the psyche back into everyday consciousness for greater Wholeness.


Some of the more common symptoms of soul loss would be where a person does not feel fully integrated in his or her body and actively engaged in life. Other symptoms include chronic depression, suicidal tendencies, post-traumatic stress syndrome, immune deficiency problems, and grief that just does not heal. 


When a certain part of us is unconscious it can wreak havoc in our lives and starve us of our vitality and energy; leaving us feeling confused, lost, anxious, depressed, and overwhelmed.


By bringing them to consciousness, through a Soul Retrieval, together we are able to dissolve the blockages that obscure us in order to bring more inner peace and (sacred) harmony.



Home and Office Space Harmony Healing

Cleansing Reiki Harmony

Place Healing

If you feel your home or space doesn't quite feel conducive to your requirements and needs, then I offer Harmony Place Healing. This is a home, treatment space or work/office visit that focuses in on optimising your space to INCREASE & ENHANCE productivity and your well being. 


Where we root in and our work environment, can sometimes be easily overlooked and unappreciated. It is a place that needs extra, focus, care and attention to allow exponential growth. Together, we can create the perfect space and environment that brings out the best in you, your life, loved ones, your work colleagues and your clients (where required).  


Sometimes it can all begin at home...

A preliminary consultation is required to work out an effective and efficient plan of action.  

All of the sequenced sessions are designed to be flexible and accommodate your time availability. Treatments can be booked consecutively over a few days or spread out over a few weeks/months to suit your current financial needs. 

Book your tailor-made session with

Sacred Harmony Today. 

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