S A C R E D   H A R M O N Y


The Keys of Life


Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is Japanese, meaning Universal Life force. 


Reiki is an alternative and complimentary therapy that enables our body to heal itself. Together we can work through physical and emotional challenges in your mind, body and spirit. All of the pivotal moments, experiences and events throughout our lives, sometimes need extra care and support. You will find that with Sacred Harmony. 











 Our body happens to be the vehicle of our indwelling spirit


People have the incredible ability to deal any situation, but sometimes that can be overwhelming. That sometimes means their real needs are not being met because they are trapped in an emergency. In the face of reality we all need support. 


We can apply the analogy of our car. Would you drive your car without an annual service and MOT? 

If you didn't, then perhaps eventually your car would slow down and its performance, drastically reduced until it stops in its tracks. The exact same thing can happen to our bodies as we move through our life.


Reiki delivers an MOT and Service for you mind, body and spirit. 










 Reiki flows to where it is needed most


Reiki helps dissolve that which is holding us back, obstacles in our path makes us feel demotivated, depressed and out of balance. 

Reiki healing is universal. All sessions here at Sacred Harmony are personally tailored to meet your needs. 











Your Life in high definition 


At Sacred harmony, it is not simply about having a humdrum, run of the mill, Reiki Treatment (not that there is anything wrong with that!). You can get those anywhere! Sessions here are tailor-made progressively shifting sequences for you. Step into a space and find sacred time to yourself, away from the stresses and strains of work & home life. At Sacred Harmony it is all about YOU.

Even if you require some time out to relax an unwind and feel rejuvenated away from the world, then a Reiki session is for YOU.. 


Now take charge of your health and well being.











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